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Niclouds Application

Post  Niclouds on Mon Sep 29, 2008 9:38 pm

hello everyone, ty again for trial run of last sunday, today i've decided to do my application.
Name : Niclouds
Jobs: MNK - BLU - SAM - DRG
Main Job: DRG
Actually i've already some Salvage armour pieces obtained from my old Salvage LS:
Ares's Cuirass Set
Ares's Head -> Enyo's Mask lv 15
Ares's Legs -> Enyo's Cuisses lv 15 - Deimos's Cuisses lv 35
Ares's Feet -> Enyo's Leggings lv 15

Usukane Haramaki Set
Usukane Head -> Hoshikazu hachimaki lv 15
Usukane Legs -> Hoshikazu hakama lv 15
See ya in game Smile

Just starting out...
Just starting out...

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