Rule Amendment ~ Please Read

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Rule Amendment ~ Please Read

Post  Twyla on Sun Oct 19, 2008 4:06 pm

Hi everyone, further to discussions with the linkshell sackholders we have decided on the following rule amendment.

With immediate effect the number of attendance points members will obtain per run will be increased to 3 points.

The increase in points per run is for the following reasons:

1. To take account of the increased number of drops we have been receiving.

2. To make the current runs more valuable than those prior to the split, as the majority of the group are new and we felt too much weight was being placed on older runs. We still count old points, so members who've been here since the start don't lose out, but new members will accrue points quicker.

3. Increased points per run will be more of an incentive for people to attend, as you will be 3 points behind those who did attend if you miss a run rather than only 1 point behind.

I've updated the Rules in both this forum and the Applications forum to reflect this change.




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