Phaze's re-application

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Phaze's re-application

Post  Phaze on Wed Feb 04, 2009 2:07 am

Ok, a little ahead of schedule as I won't be back on FFXI until the start of March, but I thought i'd post it now while I have plenty of spare time!

Character Name: Phaze (the awesome)

Available Level 75 Jobs: NIN, WHM, BLM, DRG, SAM, BRD. DRK 59 & RDM 64 being levelled.

Your Merits for each 75 Job: Loooaaaads! Capped for the majority. For full details, see this page.

Any Previous Salvage Experience: Helped force you to make this linkshell if that counts. Wink

How did you find out about us?: That ones pretty self-explainatory.

But yea, it'd be nice to come back and do salvage with you guys. Don't mind playing any job, so i'll do whatevers needed. Pretty sure most of you know me from CtrlAltElite/LostParadise or any of my past linkshells/travels. Been told I get around a lot...

I'd post some random screenshots here but this isn't my laptop so I don't have any... i'll improvise instead!

Myself and Twyla from back in the day:
bounce "Hai Twy!" pig "Moo!"

When I got abducted by aliens this one time... made me late for dyna:
"WAAAAHHHHH" affraidalien *snap of rubber glove*

Random people getting irritated with my silliness:
bounce "Weeee!" Rolling Eyes Mad scratch *group sigh*

But yea, i'm done!

- Luke/Phaze

"Coming WHM"

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Re: Phaze's re-application

Post  Twyla on Wed Feb 04, 2009 11:46 pm

Yay Phaze! Will be good to have you back on board. Accepted ofc. Especially cos your whm is awsum. Smile

Look forward to having you back. Smile


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