LAC strategy

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LAC strategy

Post  Phaal on Sun Mar 29, 2009 9:23 pm

Posting this after convo with twyla:

According to wiki LAC will only Brainjack at 75% 50% and 25% if we can damage him to those set amounts fast enough.

Also according to wiki LAC tracks by sight only, so if we fight in the SW corner and everyone else can get past the porter when it uses Brainjack it shouldnt follow them and de-agro. However LAC will regen unless a DoT is left on him.

Plan should then be to damage LAC as fast as possible without compromising the amount of TP we feed him to get him to 75% 50% 25% and deaded so we only have to deal with 3 Brainjacks, and so we can also know when they will happen so we can be ready for them. I think 2x MNK as DD/tanks, and 2-3xBLM should easily be enough to hit the 25% marks every time. (out of interested with me twy and ess got LAC to 83% before he used first Brainjack from taking too long).

We should have everyone else apart from the MNKs run away at ~76% maybe a bit more (with DoT being re-casted just before) to get through that annoying door to the porter room and to the back to avoid LAC following them after Brainjack. This should get both mnks charmed, but LAC shouldn't follow anoyone else on the hate list if they're far enough away, and it shouldnt regen so long as the DoT is on.

Then all we need to do is rinse and repeat after BJ wears.

For 2hrs I think 1 MNK use at the start so that BLM's can nuke more freely to get to 75% faster, another after the 50% BJ to get to 25% faster, and everyone else after the 25% Brainjack to get it deaded.

Thoughts/comments welcome
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Re: LAC strategy

Post  Twyla on Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:32 pm

We've talked about this already, but I agree it sounds like this should work as long as we damage it fast enough, thought with 2xMNK and more BLM this shouldn't really be a problem.

Ideal set up for next week would be:

MNKx2, BLMx2/3, WHM, RDMx2, BRD, NIN

Beyond that jobs aren't as important for boss. Mostly like we'll also have a THF (Feint!) and more DD (All out at end?). Might replace one of the RDM for another WHM given that we're low on RDM atm. (I'm opening applications again for RDM.)

To be honest, with more damage being done to take LAC down quicker I'm not sure we'd even need to use the zone method. We did well this week getting it down to 40% with slow damage and a lot more Brain Jacks after all. But we can try the zoning method next week.

The rest should remain pretty much the same. Healers will need to make sure to Regen the tanks shortly before 75% and BLMs/RDMs can recast their dark-sided DoTs on the boss before 75% again. MNKs again macro in your low damage weps, just in case.

Depending on how fast we're taking it down I think we might need to disengage slightly before 76%.

We can use your two hours earlier if everyone's happy with that. It does sound like quick killing is going to make this easier.

Also, just to note we're gonna spend waaaaaaayyyyy less time on the 1st floor next week which should stop us being under pressure at the top. We did get there with good time left, but we still spend too long on the 1st floor this week.


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