aply for Salvage

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aply for Salvage

Post  Siralf on Mon May 04, 2009 2:40 pm

I heard from Phaze about ur Ls and the Time is perfect for me because i worrk un 3 shifts under the week.

Jobs Geared Blm/Rdm/War/Drk/Thf(TH4)
Jobs ungeared Pld/Bst
Merits: Sword 8/8 (must be for ridill)
Dagger 8/8
MP 8/8
Str 5/5
Blm Ice+ Thunder 5/5 BurstII 5/5 Freeze 4/5 Tornado 1/5
Rdm Wind acc 5/5 earthacc 3/5 Ice acc 2/5 SlowII 4/5 ParaII 4/5 Phalanx II 1/5 Dia III 1/5
Rest from my 400 merits on Thf/War/Drk
I have done some salvageruns with members from LP till they quit.


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Re: aply for Salvage

Post  Twyla on Mon May 04, 2009 9:00 pm

Heard about you from Phaze. Accepted. Smile

Look forward to seeing you Sunday! We meet at Zasshal in Whitegate so I'll pearl you then.


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