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Hyunkyl's Nyzul static

Post  hyunkyl on Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:12 pm

Hi everyone!

I recently lost some members of my Nyzul static since they had IRL commitments to attend so I'm currently looking for about 3 ppl to join me:P Heavy DDs and/or healing magic and possibly some TH too could be nice since one of my guys(Espikes) can come DRK or RDM and the other one(Frodonnag) is SMN. I'm myself either War or Sam depending on my mood We usually do 3 runs every monday at midnight EST(GMT-4 atm) and we pop Mega bosses by alphabetical order(so you get a floor to sponsor every 2 weeks) and the rules are simple: You pay, you choose a set and the other 2 goes free lot by comment....same for Rare/ex items sponsor, but the sets all go free lot in that case Any volunteers?


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