Lotting Rules

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Lotting Rules

Post  Twyla on Fri Mar 21, 2008 10:25 pm

Lotting priorities will be based firstly on your attendance and then on the priority of items on your wish list (see Wishlist forum).

3 point will be obtained per run, and 4 points will be lost when an item is obtained. This just keeps things fair so that new recruits will get items as well as older members as long as their attendance is good.

Example 1:

Macha's Cuffs drop. Member A and Member B both have 4 attendance points. Member A has Macha's Cuffs 1st on their Wishlist, Member B has Macha's Cuffs 2nd on their Wishlist. Therefore Member A gets priority and obtains the cuffs. Member A is reduced to 0 attendance points.

Example 2:

Enyo's Mask drops. Member A has 8 attendance points, Enyo's Mask is 1st on their wishlist. Member B has 10 attendance points, Enyo's Mask is 3rd on their wishlist. Member B still gets priority because of the higher attendance and is entitled to the item. However, Member B passes so as not to lose attendance points, as he wants to save these for the item 1st on his priority list. Member A is next in line and therefore obtains Enyo's Mask. Member A is reduced to 4 attendance points. Member B remains at 10 attendance points.

We realise that people will miss runs from time to time due to real life, however good attendance is expected. We do not want to have to cancel runs because not enough members show up. It is a small group so we need people to be committed.

Please note, new members must have attended 1 run before they will aquire the right to lot on items.
You will gain attendance points from your first run, however you will not be allowed to lot on items until your 2nd run (unless items go free).

If you have any comments/questions about the lotting orders please contact me in game.

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