Zhayolm Remnants Maps

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Zhayolm Remnants Maps

Post  Phaal on Thu Jul 17, 2008 8:32 pm

Below is a comprehensive list of the different floors for this salvage with additional information to help with our runs. Credit for these maps go to ffxiclopedia which I obtained them from.

Further information can be found here.

Note: The teleporter taken on the first floor determines the corner you arrive at on the second floor eg. NE > NE & SW > SW etc.

Note: 1) To access other rooms except the one you start in you must clear your starting room which spawns a mamool, and kill it.
2) If you don't wish to waste time doing the above for the equipment cells, these can be obtained later on the 4th floor by taking the south path on the 3rd floor.
3) NE room contains a Socket which trading any cell to spawns a Poroggo Madame (no gear)
4) NW room contains a Slot which trading the Silver Sea Card spawns the NM Jakko

Note: 1) The Path (North or South) you take on this floor determines the path (North or South) for floors 4 and 5 as well.
2) The North Path drops very few cells on all 3 floors (but has more NMs), where as the South path drops many on floor 3 and 4.

Note: 1) Reaching the north path within 30 mins spawns a Poroggo Madame NM which drops 3 pieces of salvage gear 100%
2) Reaching the south path within 60 mins (credit to wildside) spawns a Poroggo Madame (drops no gear)

Note: 1) Reaching the north path with 3 people's pathos completely cleared pops a Poroggo Madame NM (drops 3 pieces of gear)
2) Reaching the south path with 1 person's pathos completely cleared pops a Poroggo Madame (no gear)

Note: 1)Reaching this floor having killed at least 4 Poroggo Madame's on previous floors (or 3 + Jakko) spawns another Poroggo Madame NM (drops 3 pieces of gear)
2)Archaic Chariot and all gears must be defeated to open the door to the 7th floor.

Note: Mega boss is Battleclad Chariot
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