Zhayolm Remnants 4th floor NM guide

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Zhayolm Remnants 4th floor NM guide

Post  Phaal on Sun Jul 20, 2008 5:41 pm

Ok since Twyla won't be on I'm gonna try lead a run for this week. I would like to try kill the the NM on the 4th floor of this place for Njord's Mask, Hoshikazu Kyahan, and Anu's Brais (all 100%).

This is a run against time, we have 30mins to reach the 4th floor or the NM will not spawn. Because of this I am going to lay out below what I intend to do to make it to the fourth floor in time.

Floor 1

enter pop chest + lot item inside (will assign someone before hand to call lots as i intend to lead the run and wont have time to)
we will clear the areas in the order (H-9) > (H-8) > (F-8) > (F-9). Someone then sneaks + invis with another person and run to teleporter #2 and head up.

Floor 2

We will arrive in (I-7) these mobs drop the most types of gear cells out of any of the rooms which is why I chose to arrive here. We will kill as many as possible until we have been in salvage for 20mins. At this point i want someone to be waiting at the porter in the centre ready to teleport us all up

Floor 3

To reach the NM on floor 4 we need to take the North path on this floor. However no cells drop from here so I intend us to split up into 2 groups.
1)I want 2 people to head west with sneak and invisible and head to the north teleporter. The reason for two people is the same as on floor 1 in that if one gets agro the other can finish the job for them, and becuase like floor 1 there is a door that you wont be able to open if you're being attacked. Once you reach the teleporter, so long as you dont have agro you can wait in the room until i say to head up (28mins since entering salvage)
2)The remaining people will head east and kill as many Mamools as possible before we reach the 28min time limit as these drop hp and mp cells along with other stats.

Floor 4

Hopefully following the above we will have an NM to kill up here with nice drops and plently of time left on the clock. From here we just rest to full kill a few more mobs pull the NM and get some loot. Afterwards it will be up to yourselves what you wish to attempt to do. we could attempt to reach the Mega Boss as a test for time or call it a day, as the other 2 NM's we wont be able to pop.

Please post below if you will be willing to come so I have a rough idea :)
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